Flechette Volley Trap

Once the flechette volley trap is activated, read the following aloud:

A metallic *SHING* echoes sharply as mechanical grinding sounds fill the chamber. The cylinder at the center of the precipice whirs to life and begins launching thick iron quarrels in all directions, their impacts biting tiny chunks out of the walls with each volley.

The bolt thrower is a specialized mechanism, loaded with special flechette munitions. Every other round (1,3,5, etc.) on initiative count 20, it fires 4 heavy crossbow bolts in orthogonal directions. Each bolt is tipped with a glass bauble filled with acid that does an additional 1d4 acid damage in a 5-ft. radius sphere from its point of impact. Every other round (2,4,6, etc.) that it does not fire on, it rotates 45 degrees counterclockwise and reloads. It has enough ammunition to fire 30 times.

The shots fired from this mechanism can strike any creature within a 10’ wide path from the direction it is fired, striking the first creature or object in its path.

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