Crushing Ceiling Trap (mechanical trap)

A DC 15 Perception check is required to spot the seam around the plate. With a successful DC 14 Investigation check, a PC can determine that removing the key without triggering the trap requires something else of similar weight (4lbs) be placed here when the key is removed.

The ceiling of this chamber is 20 feet high, and the crushing ceiling trap descends at a rate of 5 ft. per round, each round after being triggered on initiative count 20. If the key or an object of the same weight is placed back upon the pedestal the ceiling trap stops, remains still for one round, and recedes another 5’ back toward its initial position until back in place, or until the trap is triggered again.

Once the ceiling has descended 15 ft., all creatures medium sized or larger must succeed a DC 15 Athletics skill check or fall prone. If the ceiling manages to descend fully, it crushes and instantly kills any living creature within the room.

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