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Angelic Spells

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Black Goat Spells

Blood Magic Spells

Chaos Spells

Clockwork Spells

Combat Divination Spells

Demon Bat

Doomspeaker Spells

Dragon Spells

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Night Cauldron

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Temporal Spells

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Winter Spells

School spells

Abhorrent Apparition
Abrupt Hug
Adjust Positioning
Agonizing Mark
Ale-dritch Blast
Ally Aegis
Althea’s Travel Tent
Amplify Gravity
Ancestor’s Strength
Anchoring Rope
Ancient Shade
Animate Greater Undead
Animated Scroll
Ashen Memories
Aspect of the Serpent
Attune Vibrations
Aura of Protection or Destruction
Avert Evil Eye
Avronin’s Astral Assembly
Awaken Object
Battle Chant
Beguiling Bet
Bestial Fury
Black Sunshine
Bleating Call
Blood Offering
Bolster Undead
Bombardment of Stings
Booster Shot
Breeze Compass
Candle’s Insight
Carmello-Volta’s Irksome Preserves
Caustic Touch
Chains of Torment
Champion’s Weapon
Charming Aesthetics
Child of Light and Darkness
Chilling Words
Closing In
Cobra Fangs
Commander’s Pavilion
Compelled Movement
Comprehend Wild Shape
Conjure Fey Hound
Conjure Greater Spectral Dead
Conjure Spectral Dead
Consult the Storm
Create Thunderstaff
Cure Beast
Curse of the Grave
Dark Heraldry
Dark Maw
Dead Walking
Death God’s Touch
Defile Healing
Delay Passing
Delayed Healing
Devouring Darkness
Disquieting Gaze
Doom of Voracity
Door of the Far Traveler
Drown (Deep Magic)
Dryad’s Kiss
Earworm Melody
Echoes of Steel
Emerald Mantle
Endow Attribute
Essence Instability
Eternal Echo
Ethereal Stairs
Exchanged Knowledge
Feather Field
Feather Travel
Feed the Worms
Fey Crown
Fire Darts
Flesh to Paper
Ghoul King’s Cloak
Gird the Spirit
Glyph of Shifting
Going in Circles
Gordolay’s Pleasant Aroma
Hard Heart
Harrying Hounds
Heart to Heart
Heart-Seeking Arrow
Hedgehog Dozen
Hedren’s Birds of Clay
Hunter’s Endurance
Hunting Stand
Hypnic Jerk
Ice Soldiers
Illuminate Spoor
Impending Ally
Inconspicuous Facade
Instant Snare
Iron Hand
Kareef’s Entreaty
Keening Wail
Killing Fields
Kiss of the Succubus
Lava Stone
Lay to Rest
Legion of Rabid Squirrels
Life from Death
Life Sense
Life Transference Arrow
Locate Red Portal
Looping Trail
March of the Dead
Mark Prey
Maw of Needles
Mind Maze
Mirror Realm
Monstrous Empathy
Moon's Respite
Mud Pack
Nip at the Heels
Not Dead Yet
Obfuscate Object
Open Red Portal
Order of Revenge
Pierce the Veil
Primal Infusion
Putrescent Faerie Circle
Reciprocating Portal
Remove Insulation
Reset Red Portal
Revenge’s Eye
Revive Beast
Rise of the Green
Rotting Corpse
Rune of Imprisonment
Sand Ship
Sanguine Spear
Screaming Ray
Seal Red Portal
See Beyond
Seeping Death
Shadow Adaptation
Shadow Tree
Shadow’s Brand
Sir Mittinz’s Move Curse
Skull Road
Staff of Violet Fire
Stench of Rot
Stigmata of the Red Goddess
Storm of Wings
Subliminal Aversion
Suppress Regeneration
Surprise Blessing
Talons of a Hungry Land
Thin the Ice
Threshold Slip
Throes of Ecstasy
Tongue of Sand
Touch of the Unliving
Toxic Pollen
Tree Heal
Tree Running
Tree Speak
Unholy Defiance
Unleash Effigy
Vagrant’s Nondescript Cloak
Weiler’s Ward
Who Goes There?
Wield Soul
Wind of the Hereafter
Writhing Arms
Zymurgic Aura

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