8th-level necromancy (ritual only)

Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (an obsidian acorn worth 500 gp, which is consumed in the casting)
Duration: 1 year

You plant an obsidian acorn in solid ground and spend an hour chanting a litany of curses to the natural world, after which the land within 1 mile of the acorn becomes infertile, regardless of its previous state. Nothing will grow there, and all plant life in the area dies over the course of a day. Plant creatures are not affected. Spells that summon plants, such as entangle, require an ability check using the caster’s spellcasting ability against your spell save DC. On a successful check, the spell functions normally; if the check fails, the spell is countered by desolation.

After one year, the land slowly reverts to its normal fertility, unable to stave off the march of nature.

A living creature that finishes a short rest within the area of a desolation spell halves the result of any Hit Dice it expends. Desolation counters the effects of a bloom spell.

Ritual Focus. If you expend your ritual focus, the duration becomes permanent.

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