Abundant harvest; the gods Freyr and Freyja

Rune Bonus: You have proficiency on Intelligence (Nature) checks.

Rune Power (4th level): When traced on the belly of a living creature, the jera rune guarantees that any sexual union involving that creature in the next 24 hours proves fruitful. If traced on a pregnant creature at least once per month during its pregnancy, the rune guarantees a successful birth and healthy baby or babies. Tracing the rune takes 1 action.

Rune Power (6th level): When jera is traced on a wooden table, plate, or platter, all food and drink that’s spoiled, rotten, diseased, poisonous, or otherwise contaminated within 20 feet becomes pure and safe for consumption. Tracing the rune takes 1 action.

Rune Mastery Power (8th level): When marked in the earth among living plants, the rune has the effect of a localized (100-foot radius) plant growth spell. Sketching the rune takes 1 action.

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