Ancestors, Northmen; the god Wotan or Odin

Rune Bonus: You have proficiency on Intelligence (History) checks.

Rune Power (4th level): When 1 action is spent tracing ingwaz on a spear, the rune gains favor from the Aesir for the first character who throws the spear over the heads of an enemy force consisting of nine or more opponents; the spear thrower adds 1d4 radiant damage to his or her weapon attacks. The bonus can be gained up to 8 hours after the rune is traced, and once triggered it lasts 1 minute.

Rune Power (5th level): When ingwaz is traced on the face of a willing creature, it turns the creature into a berserker, granting it the benefits of a barbarian’s Rage class feature as though the recipient were a barbarian of the rune master’s level. Tracing the rune takes 2 rounds, and the effect lasts 1 minute.

Rune Power (7th level): You learn the calling to the vaettir ritual (see Rune Rituals).

Rune Mastery Power (8th level): When traced on the nails and flesh of a corpse, this rune acts as a speak with dead spell. Tracing the rune takes 1 minute and the effect lasts while you concentrate, for up to 10 minutes.

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