Cattle, livestock, and wealth

Rune Bonus: You have advantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks made on domesticated animals that aren’t used as riding mounts.

Rune Power: Sketching fehu on an object makes that item easier to lift or drag, as if it weighed only half its actual weight. Sketching the rune takes 1 minute, and the effect lasts while you concentrate, for up to 1 hour. This works equally well on a single object, such as a block of stone, or on a collection of objects that are bundled together, such as a large chest stuffed with coins.

Rune Mastery Power (8th level): By spending 1 minute tracing fehu onto your own skin, you can cast dominate beast as though from a 6th–level spell slot. The spell must be cast within 10 minutes of completing the rune or the rune’s power fades.

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