Horses, freedom, the Nithing Pole

Rune Bonus: You get a +1 bonus to Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks made to control a mount, and to Dexterity checks made to wriggle free of bonds.

Rune Power (5th level): Spending 1 action to trace ehwaz onto a lock or shackles has the same effect as a knock spell but without the loud knocking sound.

Rune Mastery Power (8th level): When sketched on the ground, ehwaz summons a phantom steed. Sketching the rune takes 5 minutes, and the summoned steed remains for 1 hour.

Rune Mastery Power (9th level): You can create a nithing pole (see New Magic Items) once per month. The process can only be performed during a new moon, takes 12 hours, and requires bloodletting that leaves a permanent scar in the shape of the ehwaz rune on the rune maker’s left hand. Each creation of a nithing pole creates a new scar; those after the first don’t need to be on the hand, but they must be on the hands or arms.

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