Elk and reindeer, evading danger; the god Heimdall

Rune Bonus: You can make an elk horn rod in 6 hours, and you gain a +1 bonus on initiative checks.

Rune Power (5th level): Living creatures that are within 10 feet of an algiz rune when it is etched on the ground or on a wall gain a +2 bonus on Wisdom (Perception) checks and have advantage on saving throws against sleep and other magical effects that cause unconsciousness. Both effects last for 8 hours. Scribing the rune takes 15 minutes.

Rune Mastery Power (8th Level): Marking a creature with the algiz rune transforms the creature into an elk or reindeer, as per polymorph. Drawing the rune on the creature takes 1 action and the change lasts while you concentrate, for up to 1 hour.

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