NPC Allies

NPCs become a short template with a few types of abilities to represent their contributions to the party:

  • Passive Abilities. Mechanics that exist as long as the NPC is in the party, which can include costs for bringing them around, their health, and any mechanics that might cause them to take damage or even passive buffs that represent the help a party member would provide in or out of combat.
  • Short Rest Abilities. Mechanics that can be activated by any member of the party, using the noted action, and that recharge with each short rest.
  • Long Rest Abilities. Mechanics that function like short rest abilities but only recharge with a long rest and are appropriately more impressive.

Any member of the party can utilize any activated ability, though the target of passive abilities (such as shield of the righteous) should be decided cooperatively by the players.

Abilities don’t have to map directly to class features but can represent the contribution an NPC would have over the course of a fight.

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