Tyr's Peace

Necromancy ritual

Casting Time: 5 hours
Range: 35 feet
Components: S, V (a promise of safe passage and an oath to do no unlawful violence; oaths need not be sincere but must be explicit)
Duration: up to 9 days

You call upon Tyr to ward off treachery and violence at a meeting. At least nine men and/or women must swear the oath of amity, and they must include representatives of each faction (family, clan, nation, felag, etc.) being covered by the ritual. The duration and area of effect (which can be as small as a single room or as large as 12 square miles—a radius of 2 miles around the ritual site) are set during the casting. Performing the ritual adds one level of exhaustion to the caster, and the blood offerings demanded by Tyr and the ancestors cause 1d6 slashing damage to each participant in the ritual.

Once it takes effect, the ritual punishes anyone from an affected faction who spills blood in the area. Legal executions, religious sacrifices, and sanctioned duels of honor are exempt. The ritual’s protection covers only those factions that were invoked and swore the oath of peace in the casting, either as victims or as perpetrators. Anyone who kills or harms another is cursed (as the bestow curse spell), as is every intelligent creature complicit in the misdeed. The curse manifests as bloody hands (no amount of washing can clean away the blood) and disadvantage on Charisma checks. The curse can be lifted by limited wish, wish, remove curse, or comparable magic, but the curse must be lifted individually from each affected person.

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