Curse of the Wild Moon

Transmutation ritual

Casting Time: 90 minutes
Range: 25 feet
Components: V, S, M (animal of the kind you wish to create, which is killed during the ritual, plus powdered silver worth at least 500 gp).
Duration: instantaneous

You trace runes in a circle around a sacrificial animal and a bound target, chanting courtesies and praise to the old ways and the wildness hidden in all, as a lunar eclipse signals that the witching hour approaches.

By creating a circle of arcane and wild natural glyphs from powdered silver, sacrificing an animal, and sprinkling its blood onto a target while imploring the spirits of the wild and old ways to heed your call, you transform a living creature into a lycanthrope. The type of lycanthrope matches the animal that was sacrificed (bear, wolf, boar, etc.). An unwilling target must be bound and helpless, and it still makes a Charisma saving throw; the DC equals 8 + your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus. If the saving throw succeeds, the intended target resists the transformation and the curse descends on you instead!

The affected target transforms into its lycanthropic form 10 minutes after the ritual is completed.

An unwilling target afflicted with lycanthropy through this ritual is driven to hunt and slay the person who conducted the ritual. They can control their bloodlust when in human form, but when the beast takes control, they seek the one who cursed them. Because their rational mind and memories are suppressed in animal form, the hunt isn’t organized or efficient, but sometimes they stumble onto a scent that puts them on the right trail. In their murderous rage, they’ll kill anyone related to the target of their hate. A lycanthrope created by the ritual rebounding on its caster tends to be the most savage, unreasoning of all; they’re known for slaughtering their own families, friends, and neighbors.

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