Create Tupilak

Necromancy ritual

Casting Time: 9 hours per night for 9 consecutive nights
Range: touch
Components: V, S, M (tupilak construct)
Duration: until destroyed, or it destroys its creator

This infamous ritual was learned from the enigmatic skraeling of the farthest reaches the world. It creates a tupilak, a construct that tracks and kills a hated enemy, usually a rival.

First, a body must be constructed for the tupilak from the body parts of recently-dead animals and children. The body is wrapped in seaweed or vines and then encased in an outer shell made from bone treated with icy unguents and sealing salves worth 3,000 gp. The body can’t be animated until a tupilak idol (with a material cost of 2,500 gp) is inserted, to serve as its heart. The verbal component is an ancient, hours-long song of revenge, sung over the construct’s body during each night’s ritual. This construction process consumes nine consecutive nights with a 9-hour ritual each night.

The final ritual captures a hungry spirit of Ginnungagap to animate the construct. These spirits are vengeful and mercenary; many intended victims of tupilaks have saved their own lives by figuring out how to turn a resentful, murderous construct against its creator.

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