Zobeck Gazetteer

Zobeck Gazetteer is a regional sourcebook. The OGL content includes the new monsters, new spells, and new magic items.

OGL Content:

Absolute Command - (spell)
Alchemical Lantern - (item)
Analyze Device - (spell)
Animate Construct - (spell)
Armored Heart - (spell)
Armored Shell - (spell)
Bag of Traps - (item)
Blinding Lantern - (item)
Boots of Solid Footing - (item)
Boots of the Swift Striker - (item)
Brawler’s Leather - (item)
Burglars Lock and Key - (item)
Catalyst Oil - (item)
Catapult - (spell)
Chronomancer’s Pocket Lock - (item)
Cloak of the Inconspicuous Rake - (item)
Cloak of the Rat - (item)
Clockwork Hand - (item)
Clockwork Pendant - (item)
Clockwork Warhorse - (monster)
Fanged Mask - (item)
Find the Flaw - (spell)
Fist of Iron - (spell)
Gear Barrage - (spell)
Gear Shield - (spell)
Giant Fey Owl - (monster)
Gliding Cloak - (item)
Gremlins - (spell)
Grinding Gears - (spell)
Hardening Polish - (item)
Heartstop - (spell)
Hellforging - (spell)
Imbue Spell - (spell)
Jungle Mess Kit - (item)
Lifeblood Gear, Small - (item)
Lock Armor - (spell)
Machine Sacrifice - (spell)
Machine Speech - (spell)
Machine's Load - (spell)
Mass Repair Metal - (spell)
Mechanical Union - (spell)
Move the Cosmic Wheel - (spell)
Orb of Enthralling Patterns - (item)
Overclock - (spell)
Pendulum - (spell)
Power Word Restore - (spell)
Read Memory - (spell)
Repair Metal - (spell)
Ring of Giant Mingling - (item)
Robe of Shards - (spell)
Scarf of Deception - (item)
Scoundrel’s Gambit - (item)
Shadowhound’s Muzzle - (item)
Shifting Shirt - (item)
Shoes of the Shingled Canopy - (item)
Signet Ring of the Kobold Prince of the Night Ghetto - (item)
Spicebox Spoon - (item)
Spider Grenade - (item)
Spin - (spell)
Steam Blast - (spell)
Steam Whistle - (spell)
Tactile Unguent - (item)
Tailor’s Clasp - (item)
Thousand Darts - (spell)
Tick Stop - (spell)
Tick Stop Watch - (item)
Time in a Bottle - (spell)
Time Jump - (spell)
Timeless Engine - (spell)
Tipstaff - (item)
Tireless - (spell)
Whispering Powder - (item)
Winding Key - (spell)
Write Memory - (spell)

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