Wrath of the River King

Wrath of the River King is an adventure for characters of 5th to 7th level. Only monster statistics are covered under the OGL.

OGL Content:

Bugbear Huntsman - (monster)
Death Butterfly Swarm - (monster)
Eel Hound - (monster)
Eel Hound, Lesser - (monster)
Fey-Touched Warhorse - (monster)
Forest Imp - (monster)
Giant Fey Frog - (monster)
Giant Forest Boar - (monster)
Goblin Frog Rider - (monster)
Lorelei, Lesser - (monster)
Nixie - (monster)
Quickling - (monster)
Satyr - (monster)
Shadow Fey Brigand - (monster)
Sidhe Soldier - (monster)
Spider - (monster)
Summer Lands Honeybee - (monster)
Swarm of Crows - (monster)

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