Warlock Lair Series

Warlock Lairs is a series of publications containing short adventures.

WL1: The Clattering Keep
WL2: The Pride of Illyria
WL3: Spelldrinkers Cavern
WL4: Red Lenny's Famous Meat Pies
WL5: The Seal of Rhydaas
WL6: A Night at the Seven Steeds
WL7: The Bagiennik Game
WL8: The Lost Temple of Anax Apogeion
WL9: The Returners’ Tower
WL10: Firefalls of Ghoss
WL11: The Rune Crypt of Sianis
WL12: The Scorpion's Shadow
WL13: Bastion of Rime and Salt
WL14: The Infernal Salt Pits
WL15: Ill Met By Moonlight
WL16: Lamassu’s Secrets
WL17: Mad Maze of the Moon Kingdom
WL18: Storming the Queen’s Desire
WL19: A Leeward Shore
WL20: Monkey Business
WL21: Black Sarcophagus
WL22: Smuggler's Run
WL23: Wrath of the Bramble King
WL24: Pride of the Mushroom Queen
WL25: Shadow’s Envy
WL26: Skeletons of the Illyrian Fleet
WL27: The Empty Village
WL28: The Wilding Call
WL29: The Beacon at the Top of the World
WL30: Three Little Pigs - Part One: Nulah’s Tale
WL31: Three Little Pigs Part Two: Armina’s Peril
WL32: Three Little Pigs Part Three: Madgit’s Story
WL33: Fowl Play
WL34: The Sunken Library of Qezzit Qire
WL35: Rumble in the Henhouse
WL36: Run Like Hell
WL37: Birds of a Feather
WL38: Reclamation of Hallowhall
WL39: The Dark Aerie
WL40: The Adoration of Quolo
WL41: Song Undying
WL42: The Wandering Whelp
WL43: Out of Phase
WL44: Raid on the Savage Oasis
WL45: Lost and Found
WL46: Terror at the Twelve Goats Tavern
WL47: A Drinking Problem
WL48: The Garden Shade of and Shadows
WL49: Gold and Glory
WL50: The Light of Memoria
WL51: Casting the Longest Shadow
WL52: The White Worg Accord
WL53: Death of a Mage
WL54: Legend of Beacon Rock
WL55: Beneath the Witchwillow
WL56: The Glowing Ossuary Part 1
WL57: Heart of the Damned
WL58: Moonlight Sonata
WL59: The Nullifiers Dream
WL60: Tome of Time

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