Warlock Grimoire II

This collects the complete contents of Warlock issues 11 to 19, and includes three new articles.

New articles are:

  • The Doom in the Pillars
  • Old Grandmother's House
  • Amidst the Dust: Hardy Survivors and Lost Relics

The OGL content includes the subclasses Beast Trainer, Chaplain, Circle of Dust, Circle of the Evergyre, College of Tactics, Legionairre, Path of the Herald, and Sapper; the monsters clockwork beast, coin drake, lupine shade, moirai, and rune raven; the magic items anointing mace, arrow of grabbing, baleful wardrums, banner of the fortunate, bloodbow, censer of dark shadows, cloud feather token, dark of the moon feather token, elemental wraps, farhealing bandages, goggles of shade, lodestone caltrops, resolute bracer, and sanguine lance; the spells battle chant, hedgehog dozen, march of the dead, remove insulation, storm of axes, and summon clockwork; and the feats Adaptable Magic, Close Combat Caster, Connections, Giant-Foe, Ley Ferryman, Part of The Pack, Rimecaster, Tundra Walker, Underfoot.

OGL Content:

Adaptable Magic - (feat)
Anointing Mace - (item)
Arrow of Grabbing - (item)
Baleful Wardrums - (item)
Banner of the Fortunate - (item)
Battle Chant - (spell)
Beast Trainer - (ranger-archetype)
Bloodbow - (item)
Censer of Dark Shadows - (item)
Chaplain - (martial-archetype)
Circle of Dust - (circle)
Circle of the Evergyre - (circle)
Clockwork Beast - (monster)
Close Combat Caster - (feat)
Cloud Feather Token - (item)
Coin Drake - (monster)
College of Tactics - (college)
Connections - (feat)
Dark of the Moon Token - (item)
Elemental Wraps - (item)
Farhealing Bandages - (item)
Giant-Foe - (feat)
Goggles of Shade - (item)
Hedgehog Dozen - (spell)
Legionnaire - (rogue-archetype)
Ley Ferryman - (feat)
Lodestone Caltrops - (item)
Lupine Shade - (monster)
March of the Dead - (spell)
Moirai - (monster)
Part of the Pack - (feat)
Path of the Herald - (path)
Remove Insulation - (spell)
Resolute Bracer - (item)
Rimecaster - (feat)
Rune Raven - (monster)
Sanguine Lance - (item)
Sapper - (rogue-archetype)
Storm of Axes - (spell)
Summon Clockwork Beast - (spell)
Tundra Walker - (feat)
Underfoot - (feat)

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