Warlock Grimoire

This collects the first ten books in the Warlock series.

This collection is missing the following two articles:

  • River Court Rogue's Gallery by Shawn Merwin which was in Warlock 7
  • Amidst the Dust: Hardy Survivors and Lost Relics by Dan Dillon which was in Warlock 10.

New articles are:

  • Folkways of the Ironcrags by Wolfgang Baur
  • Shifting Seas: New Adventures Along the West Coast Road by Brandon Hodge
  • The Wondrous Women of Perunalia by Lysa Chen
  • Enigma: A Mysterious Background by Hannah Rose
  • Rays of the Undying Sun by Dan Dillon

The OGL content includes the adanisk sidebar, the New Indefinite Madness table, magic items, monsters, spells, subclasses, and the shade traits.

OGL Content:

Adanisk or Ada (Wave-Washed Steel) - (misc)
Ancient Shade - (spell)
Avert Evil Eye - (spell)
Band of Iron Thorns - (item)
Bay/Lake Undine - (monster)
Blood Pearl - (item)
Blood-Soaked Hide - (item)
Bloodthirsty Weapon - (item)
Boneshard Wraith - (monster)
Breeze Compass - (spell)
Buckle of Blasting - (item)
Candle’s Insight - (spell)
Charred Star - (item)
Clawed Scepter - (item)
Clockwork Huntsman - (monster)
Clockwork Monkey - (item)
Clockwork Mynah Bird - (item)
Coat of Dust and Ash - (item)
College of Criminology - (college)
College of Shadows - (college)
Commander’s Pavilion - (spell)
Cooperative Caster - (feat)
Create Thunderstaff - (spell)
Daggerhawk - (spell)
Dawn Blade - (rogue-archetype)
Dawn Shard - (item)
Demon, Yek - (monster)
Devotee of the Enchanter - (monster)
Dirgeblade - (item)
Drake, Camouflage - (monster)
Enchanter’s Calipers - (item)
Eternal Echo - (spell)
Extinguisher - (monster)
Feather Field - (spell)
Feather Travel - (spell)
Fire Darts - (spell)
Firewalk - (spell)
Flask of Epiphanies - (item)
Fountmail - (item)
Fugitive - (background)
Giant, Haunted Stone - (monster)
Gleaming Destrier - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Glass - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Hair - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Mud - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Wood - (monster)
Grasping Cap - (item)
Grave Warrior Armor - (item)
Grimmlet - (monster)
Grimmlet Swarm - (monster)
Helm of Loki - (item)
Herald of the Ebon Star - (rogue-archetype)
Incense of Recovery - (item)
Interplanar Paint - (item)
Jann - (monster)
Knight of the Deluge - (monster)
Kobold Ambusher - (monster)
Kobold Scout - (monster)
Lantern of Judgement - (item)
Lava Stone - (spell)
Lightbreaker - (item)
Mantle of Blood Vengeance - (item)
Marean Weaver - (monster)
Moonfield Lens - (item)
Necrotic Tick - (monster)
New Indefinite Madness - (misc)
Oath of Justice - (oath)
Ocean/Sea Undine - (monster)
Order of Revenge - (spell)
Orniraptor - (monster)
Parzz’val - (monster)
Pech - (monster)
Pech Lithlord - (monster)
Pech Stonemaster - (monster)
Plunderer’s Sea Chest - (item)
Raid Survivor - (background)
Reassemble - (spell)
Revenge’s Eye - (spell)
River/Pond Undine - (monster)
Ruby Crusher - (item)
Sand Ship - (spell)
Sanguine Tear - (item)
Scorpion Feet - (item)
Scrag, Lesser - (monster)
Searing Sun - (spell)
Shade - (race)
Sheeshah of Revelations - (item)
Sibilant Glyph Armor - (item)
Skull Road - (spell)
Smoking Plate of the Dwarvish Warlord - (item)
Spice Box of Zest - (item)
Staff of the World Ash - (item)
Staff of Violet Fire - (spell)
Star Dagger - (item)
Sunmote - (monster)
Sunset Pikeman - (martial-archetype)
Talons of a Hungry Land - (spell)
Tongue of Sand - (spell)
Trophy Hunter - (background)
Unleash Effigy - (spell)
Vagrant’s Nondescript Cloak - (spell)
Vangsluagh - (monster)
Vengeful Panopy of the Ley Line Ignited - (spell)
Void Wizard - (monster)
Warlock’s Trumpetbloom - (monster)
Who Goes There? - (spell)
Wind of the Hereafter - (spell)
Wine of the Court - (item)
Wine of the River - (item)

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