Warlock Bestiary

Warlock Bestiary is a small collection of new monsters. The OGL content includes the monster statistics and abilities. As usual, unique monsters such as the Demon Lord is left out.

OGL Content:

Corpse Worm - (monster)
Crimson Shambler - (monster)
Crystalline Monolith - (monster)
Deathweaver - (monster)
Dinosaur, Compsognathus - (monster)
Drake, Cave - (monster)
Ettin Swordbreaker Skeleton - (monster)
Fey Revenant - (monster)
Fungus, Boomer - (monster)
Initiate of the Elder Elementals - (monster)
Lambent Witchfyre - (monster)
Overshadow - (monster)
Servant of the Unsated God - (monster)
Swarm of Compsognathus - (monster)

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