Warlock 6: City of Brass

This is the sixth in the Warlock series. OGL content includes the Jann monster stats, the clockwork monkey, clockwork mynah bird, incense of recovery, sheeshah of revelations, and spice box of zest magic items, and the Spells from the Fire.

OGL Content:

Avert Evil Eye - (spell)
Breeze Compass - (spell)
Candle’s Insight - (spell)
Clockwork Monkey - (item)
Clockwork Mynah Bird - (item)
Create Thunderstaff - (spell)
Daggerhawk - (spell)
Feather Travel - (spell)
Fire Darts - (spell)
Firewalk - (spell)
Incense of Recovery - (item)
Jann - (monster)
Lava Stone - (spell)
Sand Ship - (spell)
Searing Sun - (spell)
Sheeshah of Revelations - (item)
Spice Box of Zest - (item)
Tongue of Sand - (spell)
Unleash Effigy - (spell)
Wind of the Hereafter - (spell)

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