Warlock 3: Undercity

This is the third in the Warlock series. OGL content includes the Spells of the Cloven Nine, monster stats for Lesser Scrag,
Clockwork Huntsman, Glass Golem, Hair Golem, Mud Golem, Wood Golem, Pech, Stonemaster, and Lithlord.

OGL Content:

Clockwork Huntsman - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Glass - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Hair - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Mud - (monster)
Golem, Lesser - Wood - (monster)
Order of Revenge - (spell)
Pech - (monster)
Pech Lithlord - (monster)
Pech Stonemaster - (monster)
Revenge’s Eye - (spell)
Scrag, Lesser - (monster)
Vagrant’s Nondescript Cloak - (spell)

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