Warlock 16: Eleven Hells

This is the sixteenth in the Warlock series. Unfortunately, the OGL declaration only includes "the race, class, level, and alignment descriptors of the characters."

Here is that list:

OGL Content:

  • Tiefling (7th-level ranger), neutral evil
  • Human (6th-level sorcerer), lawful neutral
  • Elfmarked (5th-level cleric), lawful good
  • Human (6th-level wizard), lawful neutral
  • Tiefling (8th-level fighter), neutral
  • Trollkin (8th-level fighter), neutral good
  • Shadow fey (6th-level rogue), chaotic evil
  • Gnome (6th-level fighter), neutral evil
  • Gearforged (7th-level paladin), lawful good
  • Dragonborn (commoner), lawful neutral
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