Warlock 13: War & Battle

This is the thirteenth in the Warlock series. OGL content includes the the Path of the Herald, College of Tactics, Chaplain, Beast Trainer, Legionairre, and Sapper subclasses as well as the Anointing Mace, Baleful Wardrums, Banner of the Fortunate, Farhealing Bandages, Lodestone Caltrops, and Resolute Bracer magic items.

OGL Content:

Anointing Mace - (item)
Baleful Wardrums - (item)
Banner of the Fortunate - (item)
Beast Trainer - (ranger-archetype)
Chaplain - (martial-archetype)
College of Tactics - (college)
Farhealing Bandages - (item)
Legionnaire - (rogue-archetype)
Lodestone Caltrops - (item)
Path of the Herald - (path)
Sapper - (rogue-archetype)

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