Warlock 10: The Magocracies

This is the tenth in the Warlock series. OGL content includes the Circle of Dust druid subclass, the Commander’s Pavilion, Feather Field, Talons of a Hungry Land, Vengeful Panoply of Ley Line Ignited, and Who Goes There? spells, the Cooperative Caster feat, and the boneshard wraith, grimmlet, grimmlet swarm, orniraptor, and vangsluagh monsters.

OGL Content:

Boneshard Wraith - (monster)
Circle of Dust - (circle)
Coat of Dust and Ash - (item)
Commander’s Pavilion - (spell)
Cooperative Caster - (feat)
Feather Field - (spell)
Grimmlet - (monster)
Grimmlet Swarm - (monster)
Orniraptor - (monster)
Parzz’val - (monster)
Sibilant Glyph Armor - (item)
Talons of a Hungry Land - (spell)
Vangsluagh - (monster)
Vengeful Panopy of the Ley Line Ignited - (spell)
Who Goes There? - (spell)

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