Vault of Magic

This large book contains a huge number of magic items and treasure tables. The OGL content includes the magic items in each chapter (excluding all place names and specific character references, such as gods and NPCs), except for the Specialty Consumable items within the Potions and Scrolls chapter and all items in the Fabled Magic Items chapter.

OGL Content:

Agile Armor - (item)
Akaasit Blade - (item)
Anchor of Striking - (item)
Animated Chain Mail - (item)
Anointing Mace - (item)
Armor of Cushioning - (item)
Armor of Spite - (item)
Armor of the Leaf - (item)
Armor of the Ngobou - (item)
Armor of Warding - (item)
Arrow of Grabbing - (item)
Arrow of Unpleasant Herbs - (item)
Asp’s Kiss - (item)
Axe of the Ancients - (item)
Badger Hide - (item)
Black and White Daggers - (item)
Blackguard’s Blade - (item)
Blade of Petals - (item)
Blade of the Dervish - (item)
Blade of the Temple Guardian - (item)
Bloodbow - (item)
Blooddrinker Spear - (item)
Bloodfuel Weapon - (item)
Bloodprice Armor - (item)
Blood-Soaked Hide - (item)
Bloodthirsty Weapon - (item)
Bludgeon of Nightmares - (item)
Bone Whip - (item)
Bonebreaker Mace - (item)
Bow of Accuracy - (item)
Brawn Armor - (item)
Brazen Bulwark - (item)
Breaker Lance - (item)
Bullseye Arrow - (item)
Candied Axe - (item)
Cephalopod Breastplate - (item)
Chainbreaker Blade - (item)
Chieftain’s Axe - (item)
Chillblain Armor - (item)
Clockwork Mace of Divinity - (item)
Commander’s Plate - (item)
Constant Dagger - (item)
Consuming Rod - (item)
Crimson Starfall Arrow - (item)
Crocodile Armor - (item)
Crusader’s Shield - (item)
Dagger of the Barbed Devil - (item)
Dawn Shard - (item)
Deadfall Arrow - (item)
Dimensional Net - (item)
Dirgeblade - (item)
Dirk of Daring - (item)
Dragonstooth Blade - (item)
Encouraging Armor - (item)
Enraging Ammunition - (item)
Ensnaring Ammunition - (item)
Entrenching Mattock - (item)
Exsanguinating Blade - (item)
Fellforged Armor - (item)
Flash Bullet - (item)
Fog Stone - (item)
Forgefire Hammer - (item)
Fountmail - (item)
Gale Javelin - (item)
Ghost Barding - (item)
Glazed Blade - (item)
Gnawing Spear - (item)
Goblin Shield - (item)
Golden Bolt - (item)
Gorgon Scale - (item)
Grasping Shield - (item)
Grave Ward Armor - (item)
Hammer of Throwing - (item)
Hellfire Armor - (item)
Hexen Blade - (item)
Hidden Armament - (item)
Humble Cudgel of Temperance - (item)
Iceblink - (item)
Impact Club - (item)
Impaling Weapon - (item)
Knockabout Billet - (item)
Labyrs of the Raging Bull - (item)
Larkmail - (item)
Leaf-Bladed Sword - (item)
Living Juggernaut - (item)
Lockbreaker - (item)
Mail of the Sword Master - (item)
Manticore’s Tail - (item)
Masher Basher - (item)
Meteoric Plate - (item)
Mirrored Armor - (item)
Moonsteel Weapon - (item)
Mordant Blade - (item)
Mountain Hewer - (item)
Mountaineer’s Crossbow - (item)
Muffled Armor - (item)
Mutineer’s Blade - (item)
Odd Bodkin - (item)
Pestilent Spear - (item)
Phidjetz Spinner - (item)
Pick of Ice Breaking - (item)
Pistol of the Umbral Court - (item)
Poison Strand - (item)
Primordial Scale - (item)
Rain of Chaos - (item)
Ravager’s Axe - (item)
Reef Splitter - (item)
Retribution Armor - (item)
Riverine Blade - (item)
Rowdy’s Club - (item)
Ruby Crusher - (item)
Sand Arrow - (item)
Sand Suit - (item)
Scimitar of the Desert Winds - (item)
Scourge of Devotion - (item)
Sea Witch’s Blade - (item)
Searing Whip - (item)
Serpent’s Scales - (item)
Serpent’s Tooth - (item)
Shark Tooth Crown - (item)
Sharkskin Vest - (item)
Shepherd’s Flail - (item)
Shield of Gnawing - (item)
Shield of Missile Reversal - (item)
Shield of the Fallen - (item)
Sickle of Thorns - (item)
Siege Arrow - (item)
Slick Cuirass - (item)
Slimeblade - (item)
Sling Stone of Screeching - (item)
Smoking Plate of Heithmir - (item)
Spear of the North - (item)
Spear of the Stilled Heart - (item)
Spear of the Western Whale - (item)
Spearbiter - (item)
Spectral Blade - (item)
Standard of Divinity - (item)
Steadfast Splint - (item)
Stinger - (item)
Survival Knife - (item)
Swarmfoe Suit - (item)
Sweet Nature - (item)
Sword of Fallen Saints - (item)
Tamer’s Whip - (item)
Tarian Graddfeydd Ddraig - (item)
Tenebrous Flail of Screams - (item)
Thirsting Scalpel - (item)
Thirsting Thorn - (item)
Tipstaff - (item)
Tracking Dart - (item)
Trident of the Vortex - (item)
Trident of the Yearning Tide - (item)
Troll Skin Armor - (item)
Umbral Chopper - (item)

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