Scarlet Citadel

Empire of the Ghouls is a massive dungeon covering levels 1-10. The OGL content includes saber-toothed bat, clacker beetle soldier, swarm of clacker beetles, warlock wight, black and white daggers, communal flute, Dagon’s oil, extract of dual-mindedness, flying balm, ghoul light, glowing moss, light hammer of throwing, potion of gelatinous form, potion of submission, sea serpent venom, sturdy scroll tube, wafer of warmth, and weapon of nightmares.

OGL Content:

Bat, Saber-toothed - (monster)
Bitter Chains - (spell)
Black and White Daggers - (item)
Blood Tide - (spell)
Bloodshot - (spell)
Caustic Blood - (spell)
Clacker Beetle Soldier - (monster)
Communal Flute - (item)
Dagon’s Oil - (item)
Demon Within - (spell)
Destructive Resonance - (spell)
Extract of Dual-mindedness - (item)
Flying Balm - (item)
Foretell Distraction - (spell)
Ghoul Light - (item)
Glimpse of the Void - (spell)
Glowing Moss - (item)
Hoarfrost - (spell)
Life Drain - (spell)
Light Hammer of Throwing - (item)
Living Shadows - (spell)
Potion of Gelatinous Form - (item)
Potion of Submission - (item)
Reverberate - (spell)
Ring Strike - (spell)
Sea Serpent Venom - (item)
Spinning Axes - (spell)
Sturdy Scroll Tube - (item)
Swarm of Clacker Beetles - (monster)
Time Step - (spell)
Time Vortex - (spell)
Wafer of Warmth - (item)
Wall of Time - (spell)
Warlock Wight - (monster)
Weapon of Blood - (spell)
Weapon of Nightmares - (item)

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