Return to Castle Shadowcrag

Return to Castle Shadowcrag is an adventure for 10th to 11th level characters. The open content includes the monster stat blocks, trap mechanics, and new magic items.

OGL Content:

Black Tapestry, Animated Object - (monster)
Bone Swarm - (monster)
Dark Eye - (monster)
Devil, Horned - (monster)
Glimmerspike - (item)
Glyph of Warding - Explosive Runes - (trap)
Golem, Stained Glass - (monster)
Hallow Trap - (trap)
Hound of The Night - (monster)
Margoyle - (monster)
Phase Spider - (monster)
Rapier of Speed - (item)
Shadow Beast - (monster)
Shadow Fey Rider - (monster)
Shadow, Greater - (monster)
Spectral Guardian - (monster)
Sword of Bright Shadows - (item)
Throne of Past Lords - (trap)

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