Midgard Worldbook

The Midgard Worldbook is a massive (466 page) GM-facing book detailing the Midgard setting. The majority of the book is system-agnostic, so there's not much OGL content, but the OGL content includes the monster names, statistics, spells, items, and feats.

OGL Content:

Alone - (spell)
An’Ducyr, Treasure of the Khan - (item)
Animate Ghoul - (spell)
Ankh of Aten - (item)
As You Were - (spell)
Black Phial - (item)
Blood and Steel - (spell)
Blood Armor - (spell)
Blood Lure - (spell)
Blood Mark - (item)
Blood Spoor - (spell)
Blood Tide - (spell)
Bloodshot - (spell)
Bloody Hands - (spell)
Bloody Smite - (spell)
Boreas’s Breath - (spell)
Borrowing - (spell)
Caustic Blood - (spell)
Centaur Lance - (item)
Conjure Minor Voidborn - (spell)
Conjure Undead - (spell)
Conjure Voidborn - (spell)
Corpse’s Peace - (item)
Crushing Curse - (spell)
Destructive Resonance - (spell)
Doom of Blue Crystal - (spell)
Doom of Consuming Fire - (spell)
Doom of Dancing Blades - (spell)
Doom of Disenchantment - (spell)
Doom of Serpent Coils - (spell)
Doom of the Cracked Shield - (spell)
Doom of the Earthen Maw - (spell)
Doom of the Slippery Rogue - (spell)
Doom of Voracity - (spell)
Essence Instability - (spell)
Exsanguinating Cloud - (spell)
Exsanguinating Tome - (item)
Eye of Horus - (item)
Find Kin - (spell)
Glacial Fog - (spell)
Glimpse of the Void - (spell)
Granny Wax - (item)
Hirvsth’s Call - (spell)
Hobble Mount - (spell)
Hone Blade - (spell)
Ice Soldier - (monster)
Ice Soldiers - (spell)
Ire of the Mountain - (spell)
Jambiya of the Ebon Night - (item)
Keffiyeh of Serendipitous Escape - (item)
Key of Veles - (item)
Kiss of the Succubus - (spell)
Life Drain - (spell)
Living Shadows - (spell)
Locate Red Portal - (spell)
Lovesick - (spell)
Maddening Whispers - (spell)
Mammon’s Due - (spell)
Memento Mori - (spell)
Memory Philter - (item)
Moonlit Ward - (item)
Moon's Respite - (spell)
Moonsteel Weapon - (item)
Nether Weapon - (spell)
Nullifier’s Lexicon - (item)
Open Red Portal - (spell)
Perun’s Doom - (spell)
Pocket Oasis - (item)
Protection from the Void - (spell)
Reaver Spirit - (spell)
Reset Red Portal - (spell)
Rift Orb - (item)
Risen Road - (spell)
Rune of Imprisonment - (spell)
Sanguine Horror - (spell)
Scimitar of the Desert Winds (Variant) - (item)
Screaming Ray - (spell)
Seal Red Portal - (spell)
Shiver - (spell)
Shroud of Death - (spell)
Slippers of the Cat - (item)
Spark of Defiance - (item)
Spice Kit - (item)
Stanch - (spell)
Strength of the Underworld - (spell)
Throes of Ecstasy - (spell)
Timely Distraction - (spell)
Trick-Bow - (item)
Vial of Sunlight - (item)
Visage of Madness - (spell)
Vital Mark - (spell)
Void Fang - (item)
Void Rift - (spell)
Void Strike - (spell)
Voidskin Cloak - (item)
Voidwalker - (item)
Vomit Tentacles - (spell)
Wanderer's Wheel Shield - (item)
Weapon of Blood - (spell)
Whip-Sash - (item)
Winter's Radiance - (spell)
Word of Misfortune - (spell)
Writhing Arms - (spell)

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