Midgard Sagas

Midgard Sagas is a collection of 6 tournament modules. OGL content includes the previously released monsters, the Boreal Troll, as well as the Celestial Sextant, Mi-Go Neural Agonizer, and Rod of Ruin and the 4 void magic spells.

There are no monsters statted in the book, so there's effectively no OGL content.

OGL Content:

Bereginyas - (monster)
Celestial Sextant - (item)
Clockwork Hound - (monster)
Clockwork Huntsman - (monster)
Clockwork Myrmidon - (monster)
Clockwork Watchman - (monster)
Crushing Curse - (spell)
Destructive Resonance - (spell)
Devil, Ink - (monster)
Dogmole Juggernaut - (monster)
Frostveil - (monster)
Ghoul, Beggar - (monster)
Ghoul, Darakhul - (monster)
Gnoll, Havoc Runner - (monster)
Goblin, Dust - (monster)
Mi-go - (monster)
Mi-Go Neural Agonizer - (item)
Myconid, Deathcap - (monster)
Nightgarm - (monster)
Ratfolk Rogue - (monster)
Rod of Ruin - (item)
Rotting Wind - (monster)
Tipstaff - (item)
Treant, Weeping - (monster)
Troll, Boreal - (monster)
Trollkin Reaver - (monster)
Void Strike - (spell)
Word of Misfortune - (spell)

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