Midgard Magic Ley Lines

This book covers Ley Lines in Midgard in more detail than even the world book. The OGL declaration specifies that "The Open content includes the monster ley elemental spirit and the item ley portal amulet." and that "All other material is Product Identity". However, some of the other material has already been declared OGL in other books.

OGL Content:

Amplify Ley Field - (spell)
Disruptive Aura - (spell)
Energy Absorption - (spell)
Geomancy - (tradition)
Greater Ley Pulse - (spell)
Land Bond - (spell)
Lesser Ley Pulse - (spell)
Ley Disruption - (spell)
Ley Elemental Spirit, Greater - (monster)
Ley Elemental Spirit, Lesser - (monster)
Ley Elemental Spirit, Minor - (monster)
Ley Energy Bolt - (spell)
Ley Initiate - (feat)
Ley Leech - (spell)
Ley Portal Amulet - (item)
Ley Sense - (spell)
Ley Storm - (spell)
Ley Surge - (spell)
Ley Whip - (spell)
Ley-Bound - (feat)
Volley Shield - (spell)

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