Tales of the Old Margreve Players Guide

Tales of the Old Margreve Players Guide is a player-facing player's companion for Old Margreve. OGL content the Class Options (excluding all place names and specific character references such as gods and NPCs), the Feats, the Spells, the Magic Items, and the Miscellaneous Beasts except for the Margreve Hound, Margreve Stag, and Strossen Bat.

OGL Content:

Agonizing Mark - (spell)
Alligator - (monster)
Alligator Turtle - (monster)
Alseid - (race)
Ambush - (spell)
Beetle, Giant Bombardier - (monster)
Bestial Fury - (spell)
Bleating Call - (spell)
Bleed - (spell)
Blood Offering - (spell)
Bloodhound - (spell)
Bracelet of the Fire Tender - (item)
Charm of Restoration - (item)
Circle of Oaks - (circle)
Circle of Owls - (circle)
Circle of Roses - (circle)
Circlet of Holly - (item)
Cobra Fangs - (spell)
Conjure Fey Hound - (spell)
Conjure Forest Defender - (spell)
Courser Mage - (tradition)
Cure Beast - (spell)
Cynophobia - (spell)
Doom Hound - (invocation)
Entangling Blast - (invocation)
Extinguishing Blast - (invocation)
Forest Denizen - (feat)
Forest Falcon - (monster)
Forest Native - (spell)
Forest Sanctuary - (spell)
Forest-Bound - (feat)
Forest-Trained - (invocation)
Friend of the Forest - (feat)
Giant Honey Bee - (monster)
Giant Leech - (monster)
Giant Mongoose - (monster)
Going in Circles - (spell)
Great Grey Owl - (monster)
Greater Ley Protection - (spell)
Green Thumb - (invocation)
Griffon Scout - (ranger-archetype)
Grove Bear - (monster)
Grove Warden - (ranger-archetype)
Hamstring - (spell)
Harrier - (feat)
Harry - (spell)
Harrying Hounds - (spell)
Heart-Seeking Arrow - (spell)
Hobble - (spell)
Howler Baboon - (monster)
Hunt Domain - (domain)
Hunter’s Endurance - (spell)
Hunting Stand - (spell)
Illuminate Spoor - (spell)
Instant Snare - (spell)
Killing Fields - (spell)
Knowledge of the Wood - (invocation)
Legion of Rabid Squirrels - (spell)
Lesser Ley Protection - (spell)
Ley Disturbance - (spell)
Looping Trail - (spell)
Lurker in Gloom - (invocation)
Maim - (spell)
Mark Prey - (spell)
Monstrous Empathy - (spell)
Moon Through the Trees - (item)
Mud Pack - (spell)
Nature’s Armor - (invocation)
Nip at the Heels - (spell)
Patient Hunter - (invocation)
Primal Infusion - (spell)
Primal Path of the Hive Tender - (path)
Primal Path of the Shadow Chewer - (path)
Quick Time - (spell)
Revive Beast - (spell)
Rowan Staff - (item)
Scentless - (spell)
Shadow Arrow - (invocation)
Shadow Tree - (spell)
Shadow’s Brand - (spell)
Sickle of Thorns - (item)
Silent Stalker - (invocation)
Speaker for the Trees - (invocation)
Spear of the Weald - (ranger-archetype)
Stalker - (feat)
Storm of Wings - (spell)
Stunning Sniper - (feat)
The Old Wood - (patron)
The Underfoot - (rogue-archetype)
Touch of the Forest - (invocation)
Tracer - (spell)
Tree Heal - (spell)
Tree Speak - (spell)
Ward Against Wild Appetites - (item)

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