Expanding Codex

This is an expansion to Creature Codex which adds alternative traits and actions, items, spells, adventure hooks, and variants for the creatures it contains. The Open Game Content includes the alternate traits and actions for the Arcanaphage, Bookkeeper, Devil Shark, Moon Drake, Pact Drake, Venom Elemental, Flame-scourged Scion, Fulminar, Ghost Dragon, Void Giant, Gloomflower, Iron Sphere, Swolbold, Leonino, Unhatched, Albino Death Weasel, and Ziphius.

OGL Content:

Arcanaphage - (monster)
Bookkeeper - (monster)
Devil Shark - (monster)
Drake, Moon - (monster)
Drake, Pact - (monster)
Elemental, Venom - (monster)
Flame-Scourged Scion - (monster)
Fulminar - (monster)
Ghost Dragon - (monster)
Giant, Void - (monster)
Gloomflower - (monster)
Iron Sphere - (monster)
Kobold, Swolbold - (monster)
Leonino - (monster)
Unhatched - (monster)
Weasel, Albino Death - (monster)
Ziphius - (monster)

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