Deep Magic: Winter Magic

Deep Magic: Void Magic is the nineteenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Blizzard's Heart primal path, the Frozen One warlock patron, and the Winter Magic spells.

OGL Content:

Breathtaking Wind - (spell)
Chilling Words - (spell)
Clash of Glaciers - (spell)
Creeping Ice - (spell)
Evercold - (spell)
Freeze Blood - (spell)
Frostbitten Fingers - (spell)
Fusillade of Ice - (spell)
Ice Fortress - (spell)
Ice Hammer - (spell)
Icicle Daggers - (spell)
Path of the Blizzard’s Heart - (path)
Protective Ice - (spell)
Sculpt Snow - (spell)
Sheen of Ice - (spell)
Snow Fort - (spell)
Snowy Coat - (spell)
Steal Warmth - (spell)
The Frozen One - (patron)
Thin the Ice - (spell)
Winterdark - (spell)
Wintry Glide - (spell)

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