Deep Magic: Shadow Magic

Deep Magic: Shadow Magic is the tenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the shadow bloodline, light eater warlock patron, whisper rogue archetype, and the shadow school spells.

OGL Content:

Banshee Wail - (spell)
Become Nightwing - (spell)
Black Ribbons - (spell)
Call Shadow Mastiff - (spell)
Claws of Darkness - (spell)
Cloak in Shadow - (spell)
Cloying Darkness - (spell)
Conjure Shadow Titan - (spell)
Dark Dementing - (spell)
Dark Path - (spell)
Darkbolt - (spell)
Douse Light - (spell)
Legion - (spell)
Malevolent Waves - (spell)
Negative Image - (spell)
Night Terrors - (spell)
Shadow Armor - (spell)
Shadow Bloodline - (origin)
Shadow Monsters - (spell)
Shadow Puppets - (spell)
Shadow Realm Gateway - (spell)
The Light Eater - (patron)
Umbral Storm - (spell)
Whisper - (rogue-archetype)

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