Deep Magic: Mythos Magic

Deep Magic: Mythos Magic is the seventeenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Mythos spells.

OGL Content:

Black Goat’s Blessing - (spell)
Curse of Yig - (spell)
Ectoplasm - (spell)
Eldritch Communion - (spell)
Emanation of Yoth - (spell)
Gift of Azathoth - (spell)
Green Decay - (spell)
Hunger of Leng - (spell)
Mind Exchange - (spell)
Right the Stars - (spell)
Seed of Destruction - (spell)
Semblance of Dread - (spell)
Sign of Koth - (spell)
Sleep of the Deep - (spell)
Summon Eldritch Servitor - (spell)
Summon Old One’s Avatar - (spell)
Unseen Strangler - (spell)
Voorish Sign - (spell)
Warp Mind and Matter - (spell)
Yellow Sign - (spell)

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