Deep Magic: Ley Line Magic

Deep Magic: Ley Line Magic is the fifth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Geomancy arcane tradition, both ley line feats, and the ley line spells.

Note that the ley line feats are in a sidebar in the PDF, which is explicitly Product Identity. However, both have also been printed in the Heroes Handbook as OGL, so are not included in the declaration any more.

OGL Content:

Amplify Ley Field - (spell)
Disruptive Aura - (spell)
Energy Absorption - (spell)
Geomancy - (tradition)
Greater Ley Pulse - (spell)
Land Bond - (spell)
Lesser Ley Pulse - (spell)
Ley Disruption - (spell)
Ley Energy Bolt - (spell)
Ley Initiate - (feat)
Ley Leech - (spell)
Ley Sense - (spell)
Ley Storm - (spell)
Ley Surge - (spell)
Ley Whip - (spell)
Ley-Bound - (feat)
Ray of Life Suppression - (spell)
Volley Shield - (spell)

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