Deep Magic: Illumination Magic

Deep Magic: Illumination Magic is the fourth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Illumination arcane tradition, the star and shadow feats, and spells.

OGL Content:

Black Hand - (spell)
Black Well - (spell)
Cloak of Shadow - (spell)
Compelling Fate - (spell)
Flickering Fate - (spell)
Guiding Star - (spell)
Icy Grasp of the Ether - (spell)
Icy Grasp of the Void - (spell)
Last Rays of the Dying Sun - (spell)
Orb of Light - (spell)
School of Illumination - (tradition)
Shadow Bite - (spell)
Shadow Blindness - (spell)
Shadow Hands - (spell)
Shadow Trove - (spell)
Shield of Star and Shadow - (spell)
Silhouette - (spell)
Slither - (spell)
Star and Shadow Casting - (feat)
Star and Shadow Reader - (feat)
Starburst - (spell)
Starfall - (spell)
Starry Vision - (spell)
Star's Heart - (spell)
Summon Star - (spell)

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