Deep Magic: Hieroglyph Magic

Deep Magic: Hieroglyph Magic is the fifteenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Script Carver and Script Sage feats, plus the Heiroglyphic school spells and coffer of memory magic item. Note that unlike the Rune magic, the Hieroglyphs are not covered under the OGL.

OGL Content:

Arcane Sight - (spell)
Beguiling Gift - (spell)
Coffer of Memory - (item)
Conjure Scarab Swarm - (spell)
Curse of Dust - (spell)
Desiccating Breath - (spell)
Eidetic Memory - (spell)
Encrypt / Decrypt - (spell)
Extract Knowledge - (spell)
Form of the Gods - (spell)
Gloomwrought Barrier - (spell)
Mire - (spell)
Power Word Kneel - (spell)
Power Word Pain - (spell)
Scribe - (spell)
Script Carver - (feat)
Script Sage - (feat)
Speak with Inanimate Object - (spell)
Symbol of Sorcery - (spell)
Trick Question - (spell)

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