Deep Magic for 5th Edition

Deep Magic for 5th Edition is a collection of new and previously published spells for 5e. Many of them are from the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the spells previously published and the backer spells.

As a result, there are about 515 spells covered by the OGL, and about 271 new spells that are not covered.

OGL Content:

Warning Shout - (spell)
Warp Mind and Matter - (spell)
Weapon of Blood - (spell)
Weiler’s Ward - (spell)
Wild Shield - (spell)
Wind Lash - (spell)
Wind of the Hereafter - (spell)
Wind Tunnel - (spell)
Winterdark - (spell)
Winter's Radiance - (spell)
Wintry Glide - (spell)
Withered Sight - (spell)
Wolfsong - (spell)
Word of Misfortune - (spell)
Wresting Wind - (spell)
Writhing Arms - (spell)
Yellow Sign - (spell)

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