Deep Magic: Elemental Magic

Deep Magic: Elemental Magic is the fourteenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Elemental Essence sorcerous origin, the Negotiator and Survivor feats, the Genie Lord warlock patron, the spells, the Elementalism arcane tradition, and the magma mantle item.

OGL Content:

Acid Rain - (spell)
Blizzard - (spell)
Caustic Torrent - (spell)
Drown (Heroes Handbook) - (spell)
Earthskimmer - (spell)
Elemental Essence - (origin)
Elementalism - (tradition)
Elementalist - (tradition)
Entomb - (spell)
Flame Wave - (spell)
Frostbite - (spell)
Frozen Razors - (spell)
Magma Mantle - (item)
Negotiator - (feat)
Pummelstone - (spell)
Pyroclasm - (spell)
Riptide - (spell)
Rolling Thunder - (spell)
Spire of Stone - (spell)
Survivor - (feat)
The Genie Lord - (patron)
Tidal Barrier - (spell)
Wind Lash - (spell)
Wind Tunnel - (spell)

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