Deep Magic: Dragon Magic

Deep Magic: Dragon Magic is the thirteenth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Dragon Magic arcane tradition, the feats, and the spells.

OGL Content:

Careful Dragon Mask - (feat)
Catch the Breath - (spell)
Claws of the Earth Dragon - (spell)
Converse With Dragon - (spell)
Deadly Sting - (spell)
Detect Dragons - (spell)
Draconic Smite - (spell)
Dragon Breath - (spell)
Dragon Mage - (tradition)
Dragon Masks - (tradition)
Dragon Roar - (spell)
Dragonrider - (feat)
Dragonsmith - (feat)
Dual Dragon Aspect - (feat)
Enhance Greed - (spell)
Fearsome Dragon Mask - (feat)
Find the Titan’s Weakness - (feat)
Fortifying Healer - (feat)
Kobold’s Fury - (spell)
Lair Sense - (spell)
Legend Killer - (spell)
Phantom Dragon - (spell)
Radiant Dragon Heart - (feat)
Raid the Lair - (spell)
Scale Rot - (spell)
Shade - (spell)
Unthreatening - (feat)

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