Deep Magic: Chaos Magic

Deep Magic: Chaos Magic is the seventh in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Chaos Savant arcane tradition, bardic College of Entropy, and the chaos spells.

OGL Content:

Auspicious Warning - (spell)
Bad Timing - (spell)
Calm of the Storm - (spell)
Chaotic Form - (spell)
Chaotic Vitality - (spell)
Chaotic World - (spell)
College of Entropy - (college)
Entropic Damage Field - (spell)
Fluctuating Alignment - (spell)
Frenzied Bolt - (spell)
Ill-Fated Word - (spell)
Mass Surge Dampener - (spell)
Paragon of Chaos - (spell)
School of Chaos - (tradition)
School of Entropy - (tradition)
Shifting the Odds - (spell)
Surge Dampener - (spell)
Uncontrollable Transformation - (spell)
Undermine Armor - (spell)
Wild Shield - (spell)

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