Deep Magic: Blood and Doom

Deep Magic: Blood and Doom is the twelth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the antipaladin class features and oaths, the serophage sorcerous origin, the wizard tradition, the blood elemental, and the spells.

OGL Content:

Animate Ghoul - (spell)
Antipaladin Class Features - (class)
As You Were - (spell)
Blood and Steel - (spell)
Blood Armor - (spell)
Blood Lure - (spell)
Blood Spoor - (spell)
Blood Tide - (spell)
Bloodshot - (spell)
Bloody Smite - (spell)
Borrowing - (spell)
Caustic Blood - (spell)
Conjure Undead - (spell)
Cruor of Visions - (spell)
Doom of Blue Crystal - (spell)
Doom of Consuming Fire - (spell)
Doom of Dancing Blades - (spell)
Doom of Disenchantment - (spell)
Doom of Serpent Coils - (spell)
Doom of the Cracked Shield - (spell)
Doom of the Earthen Maw - (spell)
Doom of the Slippery Rogue - (spell)
Elemental, Blood - (monster)
Exsanguinating Cloud - (spell)
Hobble Mount - (spell)
Hone Blade - (spell)
Memento Mori - (spell)
Oath of the Giving Grave (Antipaladin) - (oath)
Reaver Spirit - (spell)
Risen Road - (spell)
Sanguine Horror - (spell)
Serophage - (origin)
Shroud of Death - (spell)
Stanch - (spell)
Strength of the Underworld - (spell)
Timely Distraction - (spell)
Visage of Madness - (spell)
Vital Mark - (spell)
Vomit Tentacles - (spell)
Weapon of Blood - (spell)

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