Deep Magic: Battle Magic

Deep Magic: Battle Magic is the eighth in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the feats, the battle magic spells.

OGL Content:

Adjust Position - (spell)
Arcane Charger - (feat)
Arms Booster - (feat)
Battlecaster - (feat)
Boiling Oil - (spell)
By the Light of the Watchful Moon - (spell)
Costly Victory - (spell)
Curse of Incompetence - (spell)
Eldritch Lifesaver - (feat)
Elemental Trapper - (feat)
Fault Line - (spell)
Hobble Mount - (spell)
Holy Ground - (spell)
Inspirational Caster - (feat)
Inspiring Speech - (spell)
Instant Fortification - (spell)
Instant Siege Weapon - (spell)
Mass Blade Ward - (spell)
Mass Hobble Mount - (spell)
Merciful Caster - (feat)
Nightfall - (spell)
Outflanking Boon - (spell)
Poisoned Volley - (spell)
Reposition - (spell)
Resolute Caster - (feat)
Shared Sacrifice - (spell)
Spur Mount - (spell)
Sudden Dawn - (spell)
Thunderous Wave - (spell)
Trench - (spell)
Walking Wall - (spell)
Warning Shout - (spell)
Wresting Wind - (spell)

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