Deep Magic: Alkemancy

Deep Magic: Alkemancy is the twentith in the Deep Magic series. The OGL content includes the Alkemancy arcane tradition, the Alkemancy spells, and the Six Elixirs.

OGL Content:

Acid Gate - (spell)
Acid Rain - (spell)
Alchemical Form - (spell)
Alkemancy - (tradition)
Black Elixir - (item)
Blood to Acid - (spell)
Boiling Oil - (spell)
Bottled Arcana - (spell)
Bottomless Stomach - (spell)
Brimstone Infusion - (spell)
Caustic Torrent - (spell)
Delay Potion - (spell)
Freeze Potion - (spell)
Gluey Globule - (spell)
Golden Elixir - (item)
Iron Elixir - (item)
Jade Elixir - (item)
Life Hack - (spell)
Mephitic Croak - (spell)
Pearl Elixir - (item)
Quicksilver Mantle - (spell)
Ray of Alchemical Negation - (spell)
Ruby Elixir - (item)
Salt Lash - (spell)
Six Fabled Elixirs - (item)
Time in a Bottle - (spell)

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