Courts Of The Shadow Fey

Courts of the Shadow Fey is an adventure for 7th to 10th level characters. The Open Game Content includes the new monsters and new magic items.

OGL Content:

Darkstone Sculptor - (monster)
Deathwisp - (monster)
Demon, Psoglav - (monster)
Devil, Lunar - (monster)
Dryad, Duskthorn - (monster)
Empty Cloak - (monster)
Firebird - (monster)
Forest Marauder - (monster)
Ghoul, Darkness - (monster)
Ghoul, Mad - (monster)
Golem, Eye - (monster)
Greater Death Butterfly Swarm - (monster)
Grey Lady Fatespinner - (monster)
Hound of The Night - (monster)
Malphas (Storm Crow) - (monster)
Monolith Champion - (monster)
Monolith Footman - (monster)
Philter of Memory - (item)
Quickstep - (monster)
Roachling Servitor - (monster)

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