Oath of the Crawling Beyond (Antipaladin)

These antipaladins witness, worship, and enact the unknowable plots of the ancient crawling things beyond space and time. They are sometimes called “knights of many eyes,” though only in whispered conversations by those brave enough to name them. They live to serve the monstrous beings that dwell in the outer realms and have no use for compassion, empathy, or honor. More than mere servants, the antipaladins who swear this oath become the living embodiment of their master’s machinations. Through them, the enigmatic plots of the elder ones are staged and protected. These cold-hearted monsters begin their career with knowledge of a single word in that dread tongue known as void speech. Over time they learn more words and master the word’s abilities to dismantle both foe and reality. It is not possible to list a common set of tenets that capture the will of these patrons.

Oath of the Crawling Beyond Spells

Paladin Level Spells
3rd crushing curse, unseen servant
5th maddening whispers, darkness
9th void strike, feed the worms
13th living shadows, contact other plane (Charisma saving throw)
17th dream, planar binding

Channel Divinity

When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two channel divinity options.

Cold Starlight. You use your action to radiate the warmthless light of long-dead stars. Creatures that begin their turn within 10 feet of you are caught in the light and must make a successful Constitution saving throw or lose the ability to speak for 1 minute. They can use an action to repeat the saving throw on their turn. Additionally, all creatures caught in the light for even a moment are chilled until they complete a long rest. Creatures suffering from this chill have disadvantage on Dexterity and concentration checks.

Void-Spun Syllable. You utter a dreadful half-word in the tongue of madness, void speech. All creatures within 30 feet that hear the syllable must make a successful Wisdom saving throw or be compelled to utter the remaining syllable of the word. The process of completing the utterance is a deeply disturbing act that requires the victim to see, for the briefest instant, the unholy alphabet in their minds. Creatures that complete the utterance take 1d6 psychic damage multiplied by your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) and are stunned until the end of their next turn.


Upon reaching 5th level, the antipaladin grows a pair of foot-long tentacles tipped with malevolent eyes that extend from some part of their body. The tentacles don't interfere with the normal functions of the body, and may grow from existing limbs, the mouth, or even existing eye sockets. The tentacles grant the antipaladin advantage on Perception checks and increase their passive Perception by 2.

Searing Emptiness

At 7th level, your cold starlight ability also blinds the creatures it affects. At 13th level, the range of your cold starlight ability is increased to 20 feet and you gain 10 temporary hit points for each creature affected, to a maximum of 20 temporary hit points.

Phrases in the Void

At 15th level, victims of your void-spun syllable ability are compelled to complete an entire phrase in void speech. The damage dealt by the void-spun syllable increases to 1d10, and the affected creatures are dominated by you (as per the dominate person/monster spell). You can maintain domination of any number of affected creatures for as long as you keep concentration.

The Horror Inside

At 20th level, you can spend an action to transform into a hideous void beast for 1 minute. Limbs twist and contort while armor and equipment stretches to accommodate the transformation. Your AC increases by 2 and your size increases to the next range. While transformed, you make attack rolls with advantage and count all successful attacks as critical hits. Creatures that witness this change must make a successful Wisdom saving throw or be rendered unconscious for 1 minute. You must pray to the elder ones and complete a long rest before using this ability again.

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