Tosculi, Jeweled Drone

A wasp-like humanoid flits on humming wings. Its carapace gleams with bright jewel tones, flashing brilliantly in the light.

In tosculi hive cities, powerful queens reign supreme, but even they have difficulty managing an entire swarm on their own. To extend their reach and authority, they rely on jeweled drones. More intelligent than most other tosculi, jeweled drones oversee individual aspects of the swarm and hive, managing the efficient order that constrains tosculi life. The jeweled drones produce powerful pheromones that help extend their authority and that also serve to forge nearby tosculi into a precise and deadly fighting force.

Queen’s Attendants. Jeweled drones are closest to the hive queens in both authority and physical proximity. They serve as advisors to the queen, bringing her news and information from all corners of the hive. It’s not uncommon for queens to choose consorts from among the ranks of jeweled drones as well. Such favored wasp folk enjoy unparalleled influence, until the queen tires of and devours them.

Tosculi Jeweled Drone

Small humanoid (tosculi), lawful evil
Armor Class 15 (natural armor)
Hit Points 90 (12d6 + 48)
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft.
10 (+0) 18 (+4) 18 (+4) 14 (+2) 14 (+2) 17 (+3)

Skills Deception +5, Insight +4, Persuasion +5
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Infernal, Tosculi
Challenge 4 (1,100 XP)

Pheromones. The jeweled drone emits a sweet scent that empowers other tosculi within 15 feet of the drone. A tosculi that starts its turn within the area can add a d6 to one attack roll or saving throw it makes before the start of its next turn, provided it can smell the scent. A tosculi can benefit from only one Pheromones die at a time. This effect ends if the jeweled drone dies.

Scintillating Carapace. While in bright light, the jeweled drone’s carapace shines and glitters. When a non-tosculi creature that can see the drone starts its turn within 30 feet of the drone, the drone can force the creature to make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw if the drone isn’t incapacitated. On a failure, the creature is blinded until the start of its next turn.

Unless surprised, a creature can avert its eyes to avoid the saving throw at the start of its turn. If it does so, it can’t see the drone until the start of its next turn, when it can avert its eyes again. If it looks at the drone in the meantime, it must immediately make the save.


Multiattack. The jeweled drone makes three attacks: two with its claws and one with its scimitar.

Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d6 + 4) slashing damage.

Scimitar. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d6 + 4) slashing damage plus 10 (3d6) poison damage. If the poison damage reduces the target to 0 hp, the target is stable but poisoned for 1 hour, even after regaining hp, and is paralyzed while poisoned in this way.


Protect the Queen. When a creature makes an attack against a tosculi hive queen, the jeweled drone grants a +2 bonus to the queen’s AC if the drone is within 5 feet of the queen.

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