Lynch Mob

Lynch Mob

Gargantuan humanoid (mob of medium humans), chaotic neutral
Armor Class 9
Hit Points 180 (40d8)
Speed 30 ft.
18 (+4) 8 (–1) 10 (+0) 6 (–2) 6 (–2) 14 (–2)

Condition Immunities charmed, grappled, paralyzed, prone, restrained
Senses passive Perception 8
Languages Common
Challenge 3 (700 XP)

Leaderless. For every 40 points of damage done to the mob, it must make a successful DC 10 Charisma saving throw or disperse and cease to exist at the start of its next turn.


Engulf. The mob moves up to its speed. While doing so, it can enter Medium or smaller creatures’ spaces. Whenever the mob enters a creature’s space, the creature can make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. On a successful save, the creature is pushed out of the mob’s path. If the saving throw fails or the creature chooses not to make a saving throw, the mob enters the creature’s space and the creature takes 10 (3d6) bludgeoning damage and is engulfed. While engulfed, the creature is restrained and it takes 21 (6d6) bludgeoning damage at the start of the mob’s turn. When the mob moves, all engulfed creatures move with it. An engulfed creature can escape by using an action and making a DC 15 Strength check. If the check succeeds, the creature is placed in a space of its choice within 5 feet of the mob and is no longer engulfed.

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