Darkstone Sculptor

Darkstone Sculptor

Large elemental, neutral evil
Armor Class 17 (natural armor)
Hit Points 126 (12d10 + 60)
Speed 30 ft., burrow 30 ft.
20 (+5) 8 (–1) 20 (+5) 5 (–3) 11 (+0) 5 (–3)

Damage Vulnerabilities fire
Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Damage Immunities acid, cold, poison
Condition Immunities exhaustion, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, unconscious
Senses darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 60 ft., passive Perception 10
Languages Terran, Umbral, telepathy 60 ft.
Challenge 5 (1,800 XP)

Earthglide. The sculptor can burrow through nonmagical, unworked earth and stone. While doing so, the creature doesn’t disturb the material it moves through.

Earthsprint (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest). The sculptor can increase its burrow speed to 180 feet until the end of its next turn.

Hatred. The sculptor has advantage on attack rolls against dwarves and gnomes.

Sunlight Sensitivity. While in sunlight, the sculptor has disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.


Multiattack. The sculptor makes two slam attacks.

Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (2d8 + 5) bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature, it is grappled (escape DC 15).

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